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Paroli of three betting system

The Paroli betting system also called anti-Martingale or contra-Martingale is the opposite of the Martingale betting system. According to Paroli strategy when the player wins he increases the bet pyramiding profits so Paroli is a positive progression gambling system. The strategy tries to maximize a winning strake by doubling bets in case of winning and is more suitable for casino games with even money propositions like red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36.

Paroli gambling system is not fixed like other strategies so the player can decide what value will have the betting unit and how many bets will be made before stop and take profit. This system can be used to play roulette at sites such as 888casino roulette, or craps, because both have even money bets.

The most simple and common contra-Martingale strategy is the Paroli of three. As its name suggest, Paroli of three is a three bets strategy based on cumulating winnings to original bet and play it to successive wagers. The system is similar to the compound interest principle used in banks but ends up after just three rounds of betting.

Paroli of three is very easy to implement: the player decides what value will have the original bet which is the same with the betting unit and starts betting. If the first bet wins the player has a profit of 1 unit that adds up to the original wager so the second bet is 2 units. If the second bet wins the profit adds up again to the previous wager and the third bet will be 4 units. If the third bet wins the player has an 8 unit payout which results in 7 unit profit. The strategy ends and will start over with 1 unit at the first lost bet or after the three winning bets.

As you can deduce from the explained example the Paroli of three has just two possible outcomes: to lose one unit, the wager of the original bet, or to win a profit of 7 units in case of winning three times in a row. We can conclude that using the Paroli of three gambling system the risk of losing big amounts of money is eliminated and in the same time the strategy takes advantage of a winning streak.

If you use it correctly, the Paroli of three offers you the possibility of winning large amounts of money with a small initial bet. As previous described in the example a full played Paroli of three increases the original bet 7 times with the risk of losing just the initial wager. This makes the Paroli of three very attractive for players that don’t like taking big risk and want to win large amounts of money compared to the initial stake.

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