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The principles of The Gaming Club

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The principles of The Gaming Club

The online casinoís activity is based on several principles. Two of them refer to modern gaming software and maintaining the privacy and the security of the playerís personal information.

In order to maintain them, the online casino has applied the following rules:

- Datacash Ltd. is the organizationís e-cash partner that handles all the financial transactions due to their renowned high-quality safety measures

- The gaming software is developed by Microgaming Systems, which is a leader in the field of gaming software

The Importance of Responsible Gaming

The third and most important principle that shapes the Gaming Club is responsible gaming. This online casino was begun as a way to help casino game fans meet and engage in fun and entertaining competitions and activities.

However, studies have shown that gambling can be addictive for some individuals and it can have negative effects on them. The most severe effects of gambling addiction are:

- It affects the entire family, not only the individual
- Can lead to severe debt
- Can be the cause of relationships failing
- It becomes the reason why people lose their jobs

In order for you to practice responsible gaming, you should consider that gambling is a means of entertainment, not a way to make extra money. This is why a player should calculate their budget before playing casino games. This will help them to avoid spending more money and time than they can afford.

The Gaming Club also prohibits the registration of players under 18. It is not recommended for underage players to play casino games.

In order to avoid improper gambling conduct, you have the option to block your account. During this period, the Gaming Club will not send promotional materials.

In order for you to block your account, you can choose between two periods:

- a seven day period for you to change your gaming behaviour
- a six month period

You should spend this period deciding if gambling is suited for you as a means of entertainment.

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