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Gambling - Economic point of view

When it comes to gambling the world is basically split in two sides: on one side we find the gamblers and the ones who see gambling as a positive and exciting form of entertainment, and on the other side we’ll find the anti-gamblers who consider that gambling has a negative and dangerous impact over individuals and therefore to the whole society.

Nowadays, besides the multitude of land based casinos, the gamblers can also use the internet. In the online environment they can find literally hundreds of casinos with a wide offer of games, so they can play their favorite games in the comfort of their home.

Going back to the brick and mortar casinos, recent studies have shown that these gambling fortresses have a strong impact over the economy.

According to a study presented on the American Gaming Association official site ( the casinos usually have net economic benefits especially for the communities facing economic difficulties. Practically the land based casino gaming creates jobs, reduces the unemployment rates and decreases the government assistance in the local communities in which the casinos are located.

The gambling activity also increases the revenues for the city that hosts the casino and so whole town can benefit from gambling. With more revenues the city leaders can invest in development improving this way the life of all citizens.

The best example of small community that bloomed and developed remarkably in a very short time is Macau. The small Asian town became the number one destination in the world for gamblers surpassing the famous Las Vegas strip in just a few years. For many Macau is the best example of a city well governed in the interest of its citizens because the insignificant city was turned into a great one, which holds the top positions in rankings regarding revenues, life expectancy and the human development index.

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